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1 kép Razer Abyssus 2014 egér
Razer Abyssus 2014
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Razer Abyssus 2014 Egér

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  • Csatlakozás típusa: USB,
  • Beviteli eszköz típusa: Optikai,
  • Vezeték nélküli: Vezetékes


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Razer Abyssus 2014 egér ajánlataink: árak, vásárlás

Razer Abyssus 2014 egér termékleírás

Csatlakozás típusa
Az egeret többféleképpen csatlakoztathatjuk a számítógéphez. A két legelterjedtebb mód a PS/2 és az USB. Az egerek többségét, ha nem a megfelelő csatlakozóval rendelkezik, egy átalakítóval könnyen kapcsolhatjuk a gépünkhöz. A Bluetooth egerek vezeték nélkül kommunikálnak a számítógéppel.
Csatlakozás típusa USB
Beviteli eszköz típusa Optikai
Vezeték nélküli
Az egerek általában egy vékony elektromos kábellel csatlakoznak a számítógéphez.
A vezeték nélküli egerek az adatokat többnyire Bluetooth, WiFi vagy infravörös sugárzás segítségével küldik át.
Vezeték nélküli Vezetékes

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Rating I have owned many keyboards over the years and in the past 10 years, they have all been Logitech. I also have the Logitech G11 gmanig keyboard which I was using prior to this one. First of all, if you don't need a gmanig keyboard, don't buy one. I noticed a few reviews that actually seemed to view this keyboard negatively for having lots of keys they won't use. Doesn't make sense, does it? If you are not a gamer or the idea of macro recording and extra keys doesn't entice you, this is a rather expensive keyboard. You would be much better off getting a wireless Logitech desktop for your non-gaming needs.Now, if you ARE a gamer, welcome to heaven!! I absolutely love the softness of the keys on this keyboard. They are quiet and very responsive. The keys are silky smooth and it's just a joy to use. It has taken a bit to get used to the extra keys along the left side as they are so close to the rest of the keys and when not looking, it can be slightly annoying to find where you are on the keyboard. I'm sure this will disappear in a few more days of use though. All of the features on this keyboard are absolutely wonderful and I'm so glad they chose to go with the minimum features needed to enhance your game play and not clutter up the keyboard with a bunch of stuff you do not need.The macro keys are awesome. Very easy to use and making new macros on the fly is quick and simple. The windows lock key is invaluable. Why has no one thought of this before?! I can't tell you how many times I've been in a heated PvP battle and accidentally hit my windows key. You know the rest. The headset and microphone mute buttons are also ingenious. Not everyone has a quality headset or microphone with a built in mute button, so this is priceless for those people and also more convenient for me to push one of these buttons rather than reach up to my head to mute the mic there. The back light turns on and off with a simple tap on the button. No need to open up a configuration program to turn it on and off. Nice. The back light is just the right intensity and the ability to change the colors (pink!) is very cool. The media player buttons are pretty standard on keyboards today, but I do love how they confined them to a small space on the right side of the keyboard so they aren't dominating my play area on the keyboard like others I have had. The volume wheel is also the best I have ever seen on a keyboard of any kind. I don't particularly like the volume dials that click with every movement because volume control can lack a lot of precision at times. One click can take you from too loud to so quiet you can barely hear it. This volume wheel is very smooth with no clicking and works like a dream. The mute button is also right beside it so you can quickly push it if you are like me and have to keep an ear out for a baby monitor in the evenings. Last but certainly not least, the USB 2.0 and headphone/microphone jacks are absolutely wonderful! I could never go back to a keyboard without at least one USB 2.0 port having so many gmanig peripherals and electronic gadgets. My only gripe is that I wish they had kept the two USB 2.0 ports of the G11. All our headsets are USB anyway but we do have one headset that can be either.I have to take the time to refute a few of the claims here on the other reviews as I don't believe this keyboard deserves the 3.5 stars it currently has here on Amazon. Some of the negative reviews are what made me skip over the G110 and try the G11 first. I honestly wish I had waited for this keyboard because it is superior in many ways. One reviewer states this keyboard feels cheap because it's lightweight. This keyboard absolutely does NOT feel cheap. Everything about it boasts quality. Just because it is lightweight does not mean it is garbage. I appreciate the fact that it's lightweight, as I'm sure many others do as well. It was also stated that this keyboard is unattractive. I can only assume this person was comparing photos and not actual products side by side because there is nothing unattractive about this keyboard, but it is a matter of opinion I suppose. Another reviewer compared it to the beautiful SideWinder X6 which to me looks almost identical but with extra bulky buttons along the top side. And how much does it really matter when you don't usually look down at your hands while gmanig, typing or anything else. I did at first think my G11 was more attractive than that G110 until I had them both in my lap. The layout of the G11 is meant to be pleasing to the eye with the mix of silver and black and the fancy handles?? on the top. But when you have them side by side and you see how enormous the G11 is beside this little beauty, it's easy to see why I favor the G110. The G11 has extra macro keys, true, but between the normal in game hot keys and my Razer Naga mouse with 12-key thumb pad, I don't need 54 potential macro keys. 36 suits me just fine. It was also stated in a previous review that the back light is uneven or that you have to be looking straight down at the keyboard to even see it. This is just flat out untrue. Unless this person received a defective product, there is no way this is true. The lighting on my keyboard is just right. Bright enough to be clearly visible during daylight (which another reviewer stated was impossible) and dim enough that it isn't harsh on your eyes in the dark. The lighting is also perfectly even across all keys.Another issue pointed out by other reviewers is the supposed lack of height from the feet on the back of the keyboard. The height on this keyboard is exactly the same as my other two Logitech keyboards AND my husband's Microsoft keyboard. The perfect height for comfort and the removable wrist support is actually very functional on this keyboard. Normally I remove them because they are simply too low and do nothing to actually support my wrists. This keyboard sports the first wrist support that actually comes straight out from the keyboard and actually *gasp* supports my wrists. It's very comfortable and wonderful during long gmanig sessions.Overall, if you are looking for a quality gmanig keyboard with lots of customizable keys and you aren't swayed by the largely unnecessary LCD screen of the G19 series, you really can't go wrong with the G110. Ignore the naysayers, you will absolutely love it. A great buy for the serious gamer who wants functionality and not flash.

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