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Panasonic DVD-S700
Panasonic DVD-S700
17 900 Ft-tól
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Sony BDP-S6700
Sony BDP-S6700
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3 kép Panasonic DVD-S500 dvd lejátszó
Panasonic DVD-S500
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Panasonic DVD-S500 DVD lejátszó

12 890 Ft-tól 3 ajánlat

  • Termék típusa: DVD lejátszó,
  • Felvevő: nem,
  • Merevlemez: nem,
  • DVB-T tuner: nem,
  • Lejátszható formátumok: Dolby Digital, JPEG, MP3, XviD,
  • Kompozit kimenet: igen,
  • Scart kimenet: nem,
  • Audio kimenet: igen,
  • HDMI kimenet: nem,
  • Magasság: 39 mm,
  • Szélesség: 310 mm,
  • Mélység: 204 mm,
  • Súly: 1 100 gr


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Panasonic DVD-S500 dvd lejátszó termékleírás

Termék típusa
A HD és Blu-Ray lejátszók támogatják a magas felbontású filmek lejátszását (amennyiben van erre alkalmas TV készülékünk). Ezek a készülékek egymás formátumával nem kompatibilisek, de sima DVD-t mindkettő képes kezelni. A DVD felvevők képesek videót rögzíteni, vagy lemezre, vagy a készülék merevlemezére.
Termék típusa DVD lejátszó
Felvevő nem
Merevlemez nem
DVB-T tuner nem
Lejátszható formátumok Dolby Digital, JPEG, MP3, XviD

Gyártó: Panasonic

Termék: DVD-S500

  • DVD-lejátszó, Lejátszható formátumok: DVD, DVD-Video, DVD-R/DVD-R DL/DVD-RW, +R/+R DL/+RW, MP3, JPEG, Xvid, CD, CD-R/-RW CD-DA, Video CD, SVCD, Audio rendszer: Dolby Digital Decode (2-csatornás), USB Csatlakozó előlapi, hátlapi, USB Standard: USB 2.
  • 0, Lejátszás: JPEG, MP3, Xvid, Magas képminőség, HD Up-Conversion, Progresszív pásztázás, Video D/A Converter: 108 MHz / 12 bit, Magas hangminőség, Audio D/A Converter: 192 kHz / 24 bit, Easy Operation HDMI-CEC, Power Resume, Networking Photo Slide Show, CD Ripping, HDMI kimenet, Video kimenet, Komponens video kimenet, Kompozit video kimenet, Koaxiális kimenet, 2-csatornás Analóg audio kimenet, Euro SCART Output, Videorendszer: PAL/ NTSC, Video S/N: Több, mint 53 dB, Audio S/N: 90 dB, Dinamikus sáv: 80 dB, Áramellátás: AC 220-240 V, 50 Hz, Készenléti energiafogyasztás: 0.
  • 5 W
  • Panasonic DVD-S500 dvd lejátszó árgrafikon


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    At the time of this review I have the lasett firmware (version BD7.341.00).The BP620 is LG's 2012 blu-ray player model that replaces the LG BD670 from the 2011 lineup. The new 2012 BP620 model comes in at the same physical size as last years. I personally like the build quality of the player compared to the 2012 Sony BDP-S390 model, which while smaller feels very cheap.The user interface is virtually identical to last year's model. At times last year's BD670 model suffered from delay reaction to the remote control. This is not the case with this year's model. The exception to this is during the first 20 seconds of the player booting up (turning on).In terms of blu-ray playback quality, it is up to par compared to all sub-$180 players on the market today. The disc load times have improved on the model compared to last year's LG BD670. DVD up-scaling to 1080p is well done on the BP620 too. One feature missing across all video playback formats is the zoom feature. While I never really took advantage of zooming in on my video, I know of some people who will miss it.The included remote control is almost exactly the same as the model included with last year's BD670. The big difference is the lack of the marker, search and zoom buttons neat the bottom. These three buttons have been replaced with a music id button to have the player access GraceNote for disc info and a dedicated Audio button to switch audio tracks. This was a button last year's model did not have. Before you had to hit the Info button and scroll down to audio and then toggle to the desired track. A dedicated subtitle button has also been added to the remote.Compared to the 2012 Sony blu-ray players, this LG streams a lot of video file formats from my local network: AVI, DIVX, XVID, MKV, MP4, MPEG-1, MPEG-2 & more. The Sony BDP-390 would not see or play any of my video files. This LG sees and plays them all. The one thing I miss is the search function that the LG LD670 had. It made fast forwarding though a long video much quicker to skip ahead. The BP620 would not see my home Seagate NAS as the BD670 did unless I turned on the DLNA Media Server function of my NAS. Not really an issue. Just worth mentioning. When fast forwarding or rewinding video was much smoother than when doing so on the BD670. Also, if you stop playing a video file then go back to playing the same file again it starts all over instead of picking up where it left off like on the BD670.The BP620 features only a 2.4Ghz wireless radio card. This year's model lacks the 5Ghz wireless radio which I liked on the BD670.In terms of steaming services, at this time there are a few less available than the 2011 BD670 model. Some people have written in reviews of Netflix issues. I have not experienced any to date. As of 3/14/12, the BP620 has: Netflix, vudu, hulu PLUS, Pandora, CinemaNow, AccuWeather, AP, vTuner, YouTube, Picasa Web Albums & viewstar.Lastly I will say that the unit runs fairly warm. There is no fan in the rear or ventilation in the rear. I opened the unit up to find a very low end heat sink on the main board.** UPDATE **Sony has released firmware version M11.R.0211 for the BDP-S390 and while it is not listed in the updated items in the release notes from Sony, this firmware seems to have corrected the issue mentioned eariler in my review about the Sony 2012 units not seeing video files (MKV, AVI, XVID, etc) from my DLNA Certified NAS.

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